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Discover All You Are, by Letting Go of Everything That Holds You Back

Fun fact: Flamingos symbolize personal truth, balance, and joyful self-expression.

Curious About Your Issue?

Book this free 15-minute check-in to get an extra set of eyes on your issue and we'll figure out your best next steps to clear it.

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My name is Angela Hed Vincent (she/her). I help people who feel hidden beneath their trauma, to dissolve blocks, collapse issues, and unearth their true potential.

Want to use the biggest issues in your life as catalysts for transformation and a pathway back to your truest self?

Then I'm your girl.

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Programs & Packages

These unique programs are designed to heal burnout, release internalized homophobia, and build self-confidence.

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Private Sessions

Book one-on-one or couples sessions to focus on your unique issues, blocks, limiting beliefs, and relationship struggles.

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Burnout Assessments

For individuals or organizations, this free session is designed to determine your level of burnout, and potential next steps.

What Gets In Our Way?

Trauma from this and other lifetimes, limiitng beliefs that don't resonate with the truth of who we are, and all the blocks and barriers that we find ourselves bumping up against are all things that stand in the way of us walking our path and living our purpose.

When you release what's holding you back...

Beneath all the trauma, behind all the blocks, beyond all the beliefs that skew your truth... you can find your true self. You can move forward in the best possible way. So the question is...

What's holding you back?


Olli J.

...the (burnout recovery) program will help you rebuild your life and break through the calcified muck that has grown over your true self.

Piano Keys

Frank T.

I am still stunned by the rapid relief I experienced from the emotional residue of some decades-old trauma. I'm now moving forward without carrying that old baggage.

Olive Grove

Maggie S.

Angela is amazing at leading people through the maze that our thoughts can create... breaking the old habits of self-doubt and low self-esteem that have put tangles on our path to self-actualization.

White Crosses

Ruth F.

Angela is a gifted EFT Practitioner. She is highly trained, intuitive and knowledgeable. Angela is a natural teacher who can see deeply into the cause of a problem and help us understand it. She has many excellent tools to help solve the various problems that arise in one's emotional nature. I highly recommend Angela as an EFT Practitioner.


Chris K.W.

I stumbled into the opportunity to work through the (burnout recovery) program when a set of circumstances pretty much demanded: NOW. I felt like I had nothin’ to put on the table – except my commitment to show up. As it turned out, that was enough. Working with Angela, tapping, coaxed my energy into available space again. Angela is amazing. Tapping is amazing. I have been amazed amidst challenging times, how much centering has lasted, and how much healing is at hand – quite literally at the tips of our fingers. Just begin. Really.

Rustic Beach Path

Ruth H.

Angela is amazing! She quickly found the emotional connection to my lung issue. Two chest x-rays taken weeks apart had doctors very concerned. I was expecting the CT scan taken just days after the second x-ray to show cancer. Instead, the doctor said what they had seen before, was no longer there. The only thing I had done differently, was tap with Angela. I am breathing deeply and very grateful!

Drop Me a Line...

If you want to write a testimonial, check on emergency tapping availability, or have any questions, please feel free to send me an email!

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Important Disclaimer:

I am not a doctor. These services are not intended to be, or serve as a substitute for, professional medical/psychological advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or psychological condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of any information received in a session or on this website.

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