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Burnout self-Assessment

Source: Headington Institute

Please note: this scale is not a clinical diagnostic instrument and is provided for educational purposes. It merely identifies some of the more common symptoms of burnout.

INSTRUCTIONS: In the last month, how often has the following been true for you? Write the number for each question on a piece of paper and add them up for your total.

0 l Never     1 l Seldom     2 l Sometimes     3 l Often     4 l Always

_____ 1. I feel tired or sluggish much of the time, even when I'm getting enough sleep.

_____ 2. I find that I am easily annoyed by other people's demands and stories about their daily activities.

_____ 3. I feel detached, and like I don't really care about the problems and needs of other people.

_____ 4. I am having more and more trouble being interested in my work.

_____ 5. I feel sad.

_____ 6. I have become absent-minded. I forget appointments, deadlines, and personal possessions.

_____ 7. I find myself avoiding people and don't even enjoy being around close friends and family members.

_____ 8. I feel drained; even routine activities are an effort.

_____ 9. I've been experiencing physical problems like stomachaches, headaches, lingering colds, and general aches and pains.

_____ 10. I have sleeping problems.

_____ 11. I have difficultly making decisions.

_____ 12. I feel burdened by responsibilities and pressures.

_____ 13.I have little enthusiasm for work and when I think about my work my feelings are mostly negative.

_____ 14. At work, I consistently fall short of expectations that I have for myself or that others have for me. I'm less efficient than I feel I should be.

_____ 15. I've been eating more (or less), smoking more cigarettes, watching more television, or using more alcohol or drugs.

_____ 16. I feel like I can't solve the problems assigned to me at work.

_____ 17. I feel like my work is insignificant/doesn't make a difference.

_____ 18. I feel "used" and unappreciated at work.

_____ 19. I get easily frustrated and irritable over small inconveniences.

_____ 20. I have trouble concentrating and completing tasks at work.

_____ 21. I feel like I have too much (or too little) to do at work.

_____ 22. I work long hours (more than 10/day) or don't have at least 1 day off work each week.

_____ 23. I find myself involved with conflicts at work or with family.

_____ 24. I have trouble caring about whether I complete my work or do it well.

_____ 25. I feel like my coworkers are largely incompetent/not doing their jobs well.




A score in this range suggests that you're probably in good shape and experiencing little burnout.


A score in this range suggests that you may be experiencing a low to moderate degree of burnout.


A score in this range suggests that you may be experiencing a moderate to high degree of burnout.


A score in this range suggests that you may be experiencing a very high degree of burnout.

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