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Healing the Desire to Die

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Ever Learning...

A few months ago, I became one of the researchers for a new modality that is a hybrid of tapping called IEFT, which stands for Instructional Emotional Freedom Techniques. Part of this modality involves muscle testing, like in applied kinesiology if you're familiar.

Instead of muscle testing on someone else for the results, due to the constraints of working remotely with our clients, we use our own body to muscle test for ourselves or our clients. When working with and testing for our clients, we do so ethically, always asking for permission and checking to make sure via muscle testing that we have it.

A Game Changing Tool

The accuracy of muscle testing, of the body's ability to share accurate information with you, is truly remarkable. I continue to be amazed by the usefulness of this tool.

I began to truly trust the results of what I was getting after testing on and for myself for everything I could think of. This included checking to see which foods were vegan at a restaurant before asking the server, which makeup I would like best when ordering online, and so on and so forth. I was getting accurate yes's and no's even when my brain was saying the opposite was true.

Right now, my muscle testing is at between 98% and 100% accuracy, which is really exciting... although, I reached that number through muscle testing, so believe what you will.

The Silver Cord

Once I had this tool available to me, I asked about my silver cord. Our silver cord allows us to access spiritual energy, information about our purpose, and keeps us connected to whatever source we come from. If your silver cord gets damaged, becomes disconnected, or was never connected in the first place, your soul has a tendency to constantly want to eject... to start over and try the connection again... to restart.

Background Noise

From a human perspective, this looks like someone who is consistently having thoughts of suicide running in the background of their minds. When life is good, when life is challenging... constant.

This was definitely the case for me me, so, you can imagine that I was thrilled when I muscle tested that my silver cord was not attached, in fact had never been attached, and that I could reattach it using this new modality of IEFT. It was surprisingly simple... a truly elegant solution to such an life-altering problem.

Checking in with myself now, weeks later, there are no suicidal thoughts... None... Zero... It was an immediate change and the thoughts haven't returned. Even crazier to me, when I test myself and even think about suicide, my entire being cringes and shrinks away from the very thought. That is really new for me.

Fully In Body

Before reattaching my silver cord, only 87% of my soul was in my body. And that was after years and years of internal work done by me and other people using many modalities. For the majority of my life, only 72% of my soul was fully in body.

Soon after my silver cord was attached, 100% of my soul felt safe enough to be in my body. So, for the first time ever, I'm here, really here. like, 100% in body... and It feels really good.

I've since reattached 3 other people's silver cords and they report the same absence of suicidal thoughts afterward. We had all experienced similar issues since we can remember... these suicidal thoughts just running in the background all the time... it's exhausting... and now, quiet, so very quiet.

One person mentioned having more energy now that her silver cord is reattached. Doing this work is new, so I'm excited to know about all of the ways people experience life differently after they're fully connected.

Creating Change

It was through my exploration with muscle testing, working tirelessly to heal something I could never quite get my hands around, and experimenting with the new modality that this process of silver cord attachment was created. It has now been officially added to the IEFT protocols.

I'm proud to say that I developed a way to heal myself, and hopefully many others, of the desire to die.

Wanting to Stay

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Are you constantly turning the volume down on the background noise nudging you to consider suicide?

If this sounds like you, I urge you to reach out and book a session with me. You don't have to walk through life struggling to stay... healing in this way, for me, meant automatically wanting to live. With all my heart, I wish that for you, too.


Looking for some assistance? It would be an honor to help you. You can book your session with me here.

Angela Hed Vincent (she/her), owner of True You Tapping, is an EFT Master and Energy Medicine Practitioner for people at their emotional or spiritual breaking point.

She helps her clients honor and release emotional pain they never thought possible, while using it as a catalyst for transformation and a pathway to their truest selves, even if they don't know the root cause of their issue.

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Emily Wallner
Emily Wallner
28 ene 2022

That is incredible, Angela! Kind of blew my mind.

Me gusta
Angela Hed Vincent
Angela Hed Vincent
28 ene 2022
Contestando a

Thank you, Emily! It was such an exciting discovery!!

Me gusta
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